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Expedition to the Garden

A recent expedition to an ice plateau known as the Garden of Eden has sparked a set of photographic inspiration for me recently. The exposure of the land from the perspective of expedition and weather, in such a beautiful place has created some very intriguing photographs.

When you are up in a place like that, it is easy to simplify and beautify life, and the human experience. I believe that the world of our daily lives generally distracts from the simple beauty of life, and that these distractions are removed in places of hardship and challenge. Life can be described simply, and revealed simply, but it is within the mysteries of things unknown or uncharted that imagination is sparked and photography can act as a instigator, rather than a descriptor.

In these photographs, I have tried to capture things simply and effectively in the hope that the basis or a fundamental trigger might be exposed through the images. These photos investigate light, form, and the human condition in this recent trip. They reveal the enigmatic wilderness, and the potential that it has for the aesthetic human condition.

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