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Film Landscape Portfolio

My experience of the land informs much of my art. The land is a place of cultural significance to New Zealanders and a place in which I feel great belonging.

The richness of the land is experienced over time in place, through different moods. The land is the changing sky fading into deep night, the soft light bouncing through the canyon, the feeling of leaves between toes, the cleansing rush of wind against a jacket. It is listening in clarion silence to the presence of something greater than you. It is an emotional response to processes and qualities of the land.


These works do not seek to be the land, but rather present quiet impressions of particular qualities of the landscape. They are meant to be engaged with, as contemplative pieces rather than being “loud” works.

The Medium

These images are all captured on large format film, either on 4x5 film, or on my handmade 14x17 inch film camera, and printed traditionally in a darkroom without any digital technology. Analogue photography is a discipline that requires and rewards patience and precision. Film allows for a deep, rich tonal range, and incredible realization of detail. All works shown in this gallery will only be sold as analogue prints, made by hand in the darkroom on light sensitive silver gelatin paper. The feeling of a traditional print, as well as it’s authenticity to the scene is incomparable to digital. Each print takes around 5 hours to perfect and create in the darkroom alone, and often many hours of spotting dust - the analogue photoshop. Each print is part of a limited edition of 30 prints, signed and numbered on the rear of the print. The edition may be enlarged to many different sized paper options which can be tailored to suit your desired space.  

Any enquiries about purchases may be sent via email to

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