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Landscape Photography


Scott Thorp is an artist working primarily in analogue photography aiming to explore perceptions of the New Zealand Landscape through photographic processes. He also works as an architectural graduate with a Professional Masters in Architecture from the University of Auckland, where his thesis focused on a symbiosis between environmental factors and the definition of architectural space. Scott has spent 3 years working primarily with large format film and has prepared several bodies of work for future exhibition, and has exhibited in group shows locally since 2018. 

Artist's Statement

Motivated by a personal connection to the land I aim to highlight the role the landscape can play in an increasingly screen-based culture. I aim to examine the tentative and apparently dissolving boundary between the digital and the physical worlds, seeking outcomes with a sense of presence, resonance and significance. My works relate to the honest material approach behind minimalism, exploring photography as any material that captures light. I see photography as a discipline of traces and inscriptions of light, and extend these ideas as a process for art making.

Scott Thorp Photograph Artist
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