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“Hypothetical” was an exhibition of painted works by Aimee Shaw, and silver gelatin photographic prints by Scott Thorp. The works present uncertain depths that elude full comprehension. Spaces beyond are suggested but not defined with the intention that the viewer will form their own images of the spaces hued by their own mood and imagination. This is encouraged by a fluctuation between positive and negative, flatness and depth, engaging the viewer psychologically with a sense of the unknown.


The use of colour in the painted works acts as a counterpoint to the black and white of the photographs. Aimee's colour selections give a natural grounding point to the unformed imaginary spaces presented, bringing the imaginary closer to reality. Likewise, The black and white of the reductive photography similarly acts to take the spaces in the physical world closer to the contextless abstraction of the imagination.


These works present a series of perspectives and portrayals that exist in flux between their physical nature as two-dimensional art, and their presence and impact as psychological triggers. Both series present opportunities that are both unknown and immersive. They exist between memory and dream; conscious and unconscious; real and imagined; accessible and inaccessible.

These works were exhibited in February and March, 2018 at PG Gallery's Pop Up Gallery. 
All works are Silver gelatin prints from 4x5 negatives, hand printed on Ilford Multigrade RC photo paper via in-camera enlargement. All works editioned 1 of 5; with 1 Artists Proof.
All enquiries welcome.


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