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There is some intangible continuity that forms the land. It is not just within the scenic, or the visual, but is embedded in every rock and blade of grass. When we are present within the land, rather than simply observers of it, we become aware of this connection. By the examination of its constituent parts, this exhibition seeks to unearth these threads of connectivity. It is a search for a sense of resonance; of a presence within the mundane. 


This proposal comprises two main elements: a series of still-life silver gelatin prints and a complimentary sculptural element. The photographic works isolate collected rocks and items from their contexts within a still-life setting. The sculpture will be a partial camera obscura, a light box that will use a camera lens to project an image of a physical rock onto a light-filled glass surface.


Analogue photography makes a chemical impression using the light energy of the subject. In this way, it serves as a continuation of the physical presence of the object itself. The presence or absence of the land is an important aspect of this exhibition, and the direct translation of the rock’s energy is an intentional choice. This body of work marks a departure from representative landscape photography, instead using the authenticity of the medium to convey qualities and character. 


The sculptural element furthers this concern. The rock is physically present, yet materially hidden. This raises questions about what qualities are translated from one medium to another. Does the physical presence of the rock create a more tangible connection than we would find in a digital medium? If so, what does this imply about the photography on the walls?


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