Scott Thorp is an artist working primarily in analogue photography aiming to explore perceptions of the New Zealand Landscape through photographic processes. He also works as an architectural graduate with a Professional Masters in Architecture from the University of Auckland, where his thesis focused on a symbiosis between environmental factors and the definition of architectural space. Scott has spent 3 years working primarily with large format film and has prepared several bodies of work for future exhibition. His first photographic exhibition was 'Hypothetical', a two-person show with painter Aimee Shaw at PG Gallery's Pop Up Gallery in Christchurch, February 2018.

Artist's Statement

Motivated by a personal connection to the land I aim to highlight the role the landscape can play in an increasingly screen-based culture. I aim to examine the tentative and apparently dissolving boundary between the digital and the physical worlds, seeking outcomes with a sense of presence, resonance and significance. My works relate to the honest material approach behind minimalism, exploring photography as any material that captures light. I see photography as a discipline of traces and inscriptions of light, and extend these ideas as a process for art making.

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Unnamed Falls, West Coast